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    Advice on years 4+5 please :)


    hey everyone,

    I'm a medic at Charles uni first fac, currently in first year, recently I was talking to one of the medics in the above years and he was saying that the clinical teaching was quite bad, the teachers don't really want to help, could anyone else currently in the clinical years verify if this is true?! Also, how do the exams work in years 5 and 6- do they do *****?

    Thanks guys

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    Well I would have to agree. The clinical teaching is definitely not the best I've come across. Nevertheless, you still have to study hard and take the exams in time (coz there are tons of them.) Exams in 4th, 5th and 6th years are similar. Exams for every subject are taken at the end of the rotation (or during the Winter/Summer exam terms.)

    Also, some subjects are really well-organized (ENT, Surgery, Orthopedics) while others aren't (Hematology, Radiology, Stomatology etc.)

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