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    Charles Vs. Ponzan


    I was wondering what are the pors and cons of each university in areas such as Duration/Costs/Lectures etc.
    Personal experiences would be greatly appreciated and I am apllying to the the First Facualty of Charles just incase you thn I am on about the other two

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    For Charles First Fac.,:

    1) Solid, "traditional" medical program (might also be a con if the country you indeed to practice uses a different medical system ie. PBL approach etc.; nevertheless, it gives you a strong foundation in all the medical subjects.) This university has certainly grown on me and I really do like it now, because I've learnt so much as a student in the last 3 years and I've acquired some really effective study techniques as the professors (some of them) forced us to keep with the coursework.
    2) Great city (lots of clubs, bars and concerts throughout the year.)
    3) Good professors (as long as you get to know them and ask for help when you need it.)
    4) There was a change in the administration last year and the office is really really helpful now. Very good department office staff.
    5) Cheap and affordable (when compared to schools in UK/Ireland/US etc.; monthly expenses are also quite cheap depending on living preferences.)
    6) Opportunities DO exist even though they might seem limited! - again this depends on you. If you want to get involved in research, you have to take the first step. If you want to do rotations/electives abroad, you have to take the initiative in letting the Dean know and you have to do all the paperwork (which isn't really all that hard.)

    1) Tough (as it is everywhere but also because there's a high attrition rate.)
    2) Long, frustrating and never-ending (to the point that you'll just want to get out of Prague and never come back again lol...or may be that's just me.)
    3) Mostly self-study and independent academic life (you have to get used to doing things all by yourself and the professors here don't really spoon-feed you like they do in some other countries.)
    4) Weather (the awful, long, freezing winters --many hate it but I'm more of a winter person, so I really don't mind it. On the contrary, I can't stand long summers.)
    5) People (many people perceive Czechs to be rude but I think it all depends on your initiative; I've met many friendly ones who went out of the way to help me in some things.)
    6) BORING lectures (which is why I hardly attend them.) Seminars are usually boring too but I think that's a personal opinion. I'm not a class person either, but seminars are mandatory.
    7) Czech language - boy oh boy, is it tough or what! I mean I love languages and this language never ceases to frustrate me. The grammar is quite complex but interesting; it's the vocabulary that's so unrelated to English (this isn't the case with languages like French or Spanish, which at least have a Latin base.) So if you want to be fluent, you have to take a year off and study the 1 year Czech course or perhaps take private lessons.

    Bottom line: come here with low expectations and you'll be quite pleased. If you come here with high expectations, you'll pretty soon leave like getting out of this place (because people who do this always find things to complain about.)
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