Hi there, I have just recently graduated from university (July 2003) in a degree in Medical Science. I had an offer for Medicine at UCL & RF, but narrowly just missed their requirements. To cut a long story short, I reapplied this year with no luck.

1. So now want to go abroad to Czech Republic at Charles University via something known as C.M.U.C.A.S, have you heard of it, and do you know if I should go through them.

2. I really want to go to Prague to scope the place out, what is the best way I can do this, can anyone put me in contact with someone?

3. Finally, it sounds kind of bad, but I really want to do medicine at Charles Uni, but I would really like to come back to the UK, when I qualify after 6 years, because its my home. I know that from May 1st its going to part of the EU, so no exams are needed to enter the UK for registration, but I was just wondering, do you know anyone that is back in the UK after studying in Charles Uni, 1st Faculty that you could put me in touch with. Also, have you heard of any problems getting back to the UK?

I would really appreciate any help you can give me.