So I am studying at the European medical school that is not affiliated with any hospitals in the states in which we can do rotations in. So if I was to transfer to a Caribbean school, since they have U.S. Hospital affiliation, how would that look on my resume when I begin applying for residency in the states? I would be transferring from a 6 year medical program, so this means that I do not have a Bachelor degree nor have I taken MCAT's. Some Caribbean schools will still allow me to transfer into their school. Going from one somewhat shady school to another somewhat school is what I am worried about, and I don't want residency programs thinking that I have some suspicious or irregular behavior and not accept me. However, I am doing this for a good reason, to get experience in U.S. hospitals, and this is the only way I can think of going about doing this. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.