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    Seychelles or U.S for clinical rotations


    Hello, I'm hoping to get some insight/advice. I'm an international medical student I've just finished a 6 week Introduction to Clinicals course at a hospital in Seychelles and got a lot of hands-on experience, esp at the Surgery and Obs & Gynae department.
    My initial plan was to do my entire Clinical rotations in the U.S,
    but I am now entertaining the thought about doing a few rotations in Seychelles (then continuing the rest of my rotations in the u.s). Because I would like to specialise in the U.S I know it would be best to have my clinicals done entirely in the U.S.

    My question is, will it GREATLY negatively affect my chances of residency in the U.S?

    Also, how much hands on work will I have if I do my surgery rotation and Obs & gyn rotation in the U.S? (or any of the rotations for that matter)
    For example, will they let us suture, carry out minor operations, perform PV examinations, insert a speculum etc..

    Any comments/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I have a question about University of Seychelles. Has anyone from there got accepted into a U S residency?

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