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    Choosing electives and research projects


    I'm attending a UK med school and we students are forced to do a research project. It is a bit of a half-assed one but we gotta do it all the same.

    I have 3 options:

    1. do both my elective and then the immediately-following project in the US at a hospital where I'd like to do a residency. This option would have me live there from Aug till Jan of that year.

    2. do my elective in the US at a good school and then do my project in Canada (at home) where I could have a job on top of that and pay off some of my bills.

    3. do both the elective and project at home. Get a job during my project.

    Here are my questions, any help would me much appreciated:
    Which option would benefit me more for a US-based residency?

    Should I maximize my time in the US system even if my project may not be clinically oriented?

    What US hospitals are known for good trauma surgery? This is where I want to end up.

    I know this is a lot of info and questions. Thanks for any advice/help
    Canadian going to...

    University of Southampton
    School of Medicine
    Year 2 MBBS

    MSc., BSc.

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    hey rather a question

    hey actually I had a question rather.. I am Canadian too who's completed MBBS in India and I was looking for research project/clinical rotation at home...help me out here...thnx

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