I am currently a 4th year (of 6) student in Bulgaria and am wondering about completing rotations in the United States. Since Bulgaria is now entering the EU, the requirements for our degree have also changed (looking very similar to Czech schools, etc.). Our rotations were going to be the same as those in the States, but with the EU moving in our degree can only be issued if we complete the EU requirements. I ultimately wish to practice medicine in the States and am wondering how to go about it. I have read on the forums that it is recommended to complete the cores in the states along with some rotations, and the rest can be done in Bulgaria (or the respective home country of the medical university).
From what I am estimating, I will have to take approximately 25 rotations (including the cores), and am asking for your opinions for the following questions:
1. Is it better to do the cores first and THEN electives or is it up to me to decide the order (so...should I go to the states for about 1 year to do cores, then come back to Bulgaria for the other required electives?)?
2. Should I complete the majority of the electives in Bulgaria or do them in the States? If I can do them in Bulgaria, which electives do you recommend completing in the States?
3. Since our University will not be helping us with any of this, how do I go about getting rotations in the States? I've looked online for months and found groups like GMC, FMG Portal and FMG America but I don't know how reliable they are/how pricey they are. One user on this forum said that they don't recommend FMG America. Does anyone have any recommendations/experience with these groups? I also know that I can plan my own rotations, but I've also read that it is quite difficult to do also.

A side note is that my University are of no help whatsoever when it comes to assisting us with rotations in the States, but are more than willing to send us to other Universities in France, Germany, Italy, etc. As of right now, our University doesn't have the know-how of US rotations.

Thank you so much for any help that you can provide me. I look forward to hearing all of your suggestions soon.