Previously Texas tried to use the calif. rules and if a Spartan grad called
the board they would state "you are not eligible for licensing". A
highly qualified board certified doctor applied with a prominent group
of lawyers based in Houston. The Texas board made the candidate present
so much paperwork including irrevelant paperwork to prolong the process
and make the process as difficult as possible. Luckily the person was highly
qualified and now Texas no longer can state that Spartan grads are not
eligible. It is still an unapproved school but they have separate and even
more diffficult criteria then what they use for regular applications.
The point of the story of this; there are a few people on some state
boards who have a personal dislike for students from the west indies.
And they are a few people who frequent this board who have not attended
med school but are trying to do everything to restrict licensure. Everyone
knows who they are; just brouse the board a few seconds and it will
become clear. Unfortunately we do not have much political voice but I
would call all practicing doctors who graduated from schools in the
West Indies to contact their political representatives and make them aware
of the injustices taking place. Unlike US MD and DO grads we do not have
much representation; but I have contacted the AMA international grads
section and made them aware. But the most effective intervention is if
you are interested in making a difference is call the state medical boards
and voice your opinion and contact your local pol. representative and use
your clout. The premise of protecting the people of the state of X from
board certified doctors who want to practice good medicine is absurd.