“Doctored,” Bobby Sheehan’s scattered film about the benefits of chiropractic care, opens with tales from the days when chiropractors were dismissed as quacks, cultists and charlatans.

Why all the hating? Turns out it stemmed from a longstanding campaign by the American Medical Association that ended only when the A.M.A. lost an antitrust lawsuit and was found to have engaged in a conspiracy to “contain and eliminate” the profession. Just another business dispute.

Relying on numerous testimonials about successful treatments (including from the athletes John Stockton and Picabo Street) and harsh critiques by doctors of Big Pharma and conventional medical practices, “Doctored” issues indictments of a market-based health system predisposed toward prescription drugs and surgery when less invasive, less expensive methods might be, heaven forbid, more effective. Seeing a series of “frozen shoulder” patients, unable to raise their arms, suddenly regain pain-free range of movement after spinal manipulation is powerful evidence of chiropractic’s worth.

Unfortunately, in waving the flag for more holistic, naturopathic treatments, the already meandering “Doctored” loses focus, touching on topics like alternative cancer treatments, autism and vaccination, and genetically modified produce. Mr. Sheehan seems to forget the primary documentarian directive: First, do no harm to your main argument.