CMU has instituted a new computerized examination system for midterms and finals. The system is good, but the execution is done horribly. The software used for the examination is a cheap freeware. The amount of errors and retakes this system has caused, along with terrible stress on the students is way too much combined with an incompetent pathology teacher, who memorizes and spews back the incorrect PASS notes and a certain appreciable and noticeable favouritism towards certain students. The answers are mis-matched to the questions and viceversa. Every semester there is a problem with the awful execution of the system; and the students have to retake atleast 1 class exam. Also the system being a freeware software isnt very secure. As is their teacher eval system which is operated by survey monkey. The feedback can be manipulated and the comments can be edited by the admin of the survey. This leads to a very biased evaluation that reaches the CEO, who seems to be unaware of everything going on behind his back.