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    Non Traditional Path to Medical School


    Does anyone have any experience about going from MBA to Med School? If you get admission, is it advisable to go directly to medical science program or do pre-med first? I'm wondering which path to follow. Concern about my age and time not in my favor, over 50 and worried if I will miss the basic core science courses necessary for USMLE step 1 if I go directly into medical science program without pre-med. Need advice on what to do.

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    A 6-year medical school program (is that what you mean by directly into a medical science program?) covers the same material as the pre-medical science years of undergrad in countries where the 4-year medical school program is the norm.

    Point #1 - If you want to go to medical school in the US, you HAVE to complete the undergrad premedical science classes, there is no other way to get into medical school. You will also need to take and perform well on the MCAT.

    Point #2 - The only way to enter "directly into a medical science program" is to either enter a 6-year program in Europe or some other foreign country, or to enter a "pre-med" program in the Carib. I would recommend the former in most cases, if that is what you choose to do.

    As far as saving time, since you are in your 50s and have apparently not yet taken the premedical science classes, the 6-year program option would likely cut at least a couple of years off of the path to your MD. However, you will need to select very carefully, try to get into a strong and well-organized program (the ones in Ireland are excellent, as are many others in W-EU if you speak a foreign language fluently), and be prepared to bust your butt so that you are ready for the USMLE Steps.

    Good luck!

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