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    Canada sells residency positions to foreign govts?


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    Gotta make the $$ somehow....

    Not a bad deal for the Canadian gov't eh? I mean they get a lot of money for this, and the doctors they train do not work here...they will go back to their home country.

    I don't really see the problem with this after all the same can happen in the US. I know from personal experience that you can "buy" a fellowship in the US if your country will sponsor you. I doubt you can work there afterwards though.

    It's just another way for an already cash strapped system to make some money.

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    Higher ratio of medical students to residency spots in Canada (Globe and Mail article)

    to me this is another indication that the federal and provincial governments either don't know what they are doing (plus notice the fingerpointing, Dennis Coderre says it's not a federal matter, its a provincial matter), in which case they should, just like the american politicians, let the market decide how to manage healthcare or else they are just doing what they have always done i.e. do the minimum possible that will get them elected and hope the public will be dumb enough to accept what they dish out. it is not true that all of these foreigners go back to their countries, some of them are able to stay and practice in canada. the thing that gets my goat though is if a taxpaying canadian citizen who has already passed all the exams offers to pay for their residency out of their own pocket the powers that be will say that is not possible and you have to go through carms match. which to me indicates that to the powers that be in government and the medical establishment it's not a matter of the IMGs getting canadian training so they can "safely" practise medicine in canada but a matter of letting as few doctors as possible practise in canada. BTW what the foreign governments pay the hospitals for training is not a 100% reimbursement of the costs of training, (i.e. they don't pay for the capital costs, infrastructure costs or for the nonwage benefits like pensions, unemployement or healthcare benefits their trainors have to be given, the canadian taxpayer carries 100% of these costs), also these foreigners can start their residencies without having to pass the mccee.

    if canadian medical students now think they will have a hard time finding a residency spot in canada where does that leave the canadian IMG's?

    here's the article
    No shortage of medical residencies, officials say

    'A number of our governments are in transition and we'll see . . . Our
    students don't need to worry.'

    Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - Page A14

    TORONTO and OTTAWA -- Canadian medical students could have fewer choices this year, but will not be pushed out of the country's residency program because of visa students buying these positions, university and government officials said yesterday.
    John Kelton, dean of health sciences and vice-president at McMaster
    University, said there are "slightly fewer" residency positions as
    provincial governments try to manage costs.

    "But the total number of positions out there is as many as there are medical students," Dr. Kelton added.

    Hundreds of medical students, mainly from the Persian Gulf, buy residency
    spots in Canada with the understanding that they will not practise medicine
    in the country.

    Critics say medical schools shouldn't accept so many visa students when
    Canada suffers from a shortage of physicians and an excess of
    foreign-trained doctors who need to be retrained. But university and
    government officials insist these outsiders don't take away residency
    positions from those who attend medical school in the country.

    "There's enough seats in the theatre to hold all of our medical students.
    Some foreign [students] bring their own chair," Dr. Kelton said.

    University and government officials say they are slowly ramping up programs so that foreign-trained doctors who immigrate to Canada can practise medicine. Many of these doctors say they have to take up menial tasks while they try to persuade licensing bodies to accept their credentials.

    Canada's immigration minister, Denis Coderre, said there is an overall need to allow immigrants to use their skills here, while respecting Canadian standards.

    He said there has to be action on the federal and provincial scenes, and
    from professional associations.

    But he pointed out that in the case of doctors, it is largely a provincial

    "It's already going better in some professions, such as engineers, dentists
    . . . It depends on the profession," he said after Question Period

    Each province determines how many medical-residency positions it will
    finance for Canadian and international students.

    In Ontario, the government works with medical schools to ensure that enough residency spots are allocated for the province's graduates, Ontario Ministry of Health spokeswoman Tanya Cholakov said.

    "The visa student residency positions do not affect the number of residency positions funded by the Ministry of Health for Ontario and Canadian-trained students. They're separate," Ms. Cholakov said.

    In Alberta, ***** Dear, a spokesman for Alberta Health and Wellness, said
    the government has made a commitment to fund residency positions for all of the province's medical graduates.

    And in British Columbia, a government spokeswoman said Canadian students get to make their medical-residency choices before international students apply.

    Dr. Kelton is unaware of a McMaster University medical student who couldn't get a residency position. He would like to see more residency spots in place this year so that students have a greater choice.

    "A number of our governments are in transition and we'll see . . . Our
    students don't need to worry," he said.

    University of British Columbia officials and the provincial government are
    in "active discussions" to increase its residency program as the medical
    school expands, said Kristin Sivertz, associate dean of post-graduate
    medical education.

    The medical school expansion is starting next year, and the university is
    asking the government to increase the residency positions as soon as

    As for this year, Dr. Sivertz echoes Dr. Kelton's sentiments that there may
    be fewer choices for students looking for residency positions this year.

    "It's going to be tighter this year. There's going to be a less of a
    buffer," she said.

    The CFMS has asked its members to lobby the politicians here's their letter.

    Dear concerned Canadian citizen,

    I am writing to you on a very important issue on behalf of the CFMS
    (Canadian Federation of Medical Students).
    As you may be aware, medical school enrollment has increased over the
    past few years without the corresponding increase in postgraduate residency spots. As a result there are fewer spots available for medical graduates this year in the first iteration of the CaRMS match and that may result in a less than a 1:1 applicant to resident position ratio. This trend will only continue to worsen if no changes are made to the system. The Canadian Medical Forum recommends a 1:1.2 ratio of applicants to residency spots to ensure career flexibility and adequate physician supply.
    I am writing to you about making this change. This is an issue that
    affects us all and the only way to make a difference is for everyone to get
    The bottom line is this: the provincial governments across Canada need
    to fund more postgraduate residency spots.
    The executive team at the CFMS level has been working hard on this issue
    over the past little while and this is what has been accomplished so

    - Letter was sent today to the Federal Minister of Health co-signed by
    the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) president and the CAIR (Canadian Association of Interns and Residents)President

    - Letter was sent to provincial medical associations for support in
    lobbying the provincial governments

    - Background paper is complied to be sent to media and government on the issues

    - News release across Canadian press schedules for this week.

    You may view these documents on our website at www.cfms.org as they will be posted in the next few days.

    This is what YOU can, and really need to do about it if we are going to
    effectuate change:

    Attached you will find a letter to your provincial minister of health.
    All you have to do is print it, sign your name and send it off. I guarantee
    you they will listen and all it will take is a few minutes. Please lend us
    your support by doing this. Again, the work is done, all you need to do
    is print, sign and mail the letter.

    If you have comments/suggestions please e-mail [email protected] and your comments will be posted on the CFMS web-site. Your CFMS reps at your school would be happy to answer any of your questions.

    Let's make a difference together.

    Sayeh Minoosepehr

    CFMS President, 2003-2004

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