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If "the messenger" has false accusations or misleading information it should be easy to follow this up and if he is proven to be inaccurate I think he should be held responsible for it.

But, on the other hand, if his story is true, I believe it is a good gest from his side to inform others in similar situation about his troubles.

Sons Of Jafeth
The burden is on the prosecution to prove a case, or allegation. When messenger starts showing warrants or articles in a newspaper where a professor has been arrested for rape, or where a sexual harrassment case has been made then I say he can throw out that kind of crap. Anyone can type up a bunch of allegations about professors using drugs with students, having babies with students, schools keeping loan money, or being blackballed by a school, but if any of this is true it matters little as to why he should have been banned.

He was banned for flooding a forum with unsubstantiated claims. Simple. Period. He should prove things not the other way around.