My name is Dr. Liam. I am offering tutoring services for the MCCEE and MCCQE 1 on Skype or in person for candidates live in London Ontario. I passed the exams with scores of 399 (99.5 percentile) and 569 (95 percentile) respectively.
Tutoring style: Usually, I provide the candidate doctor with a useful notes or a handout for the section we plan to study (Obs/Gyn for example) and we read it together, and then we review the relevant chapters from Toronto Notes during which I provide the following:
- reviewing the section as a discussion, adding extra notes I find useful from another reference book (usually 1st aid and master the board) to master the topic from many angles, and explaining topics that you find difficult during revision.
- during revision I will provide you with question samples on the topic being reviewed, and discuss the answer and tricks of questions.
- providing MCC exams study tips and how to prioritize topics. Therefore, I offer a free interview to discuss this.

However, I believe that the tutoring method should be customized and tailored to the individual's needs.

I charge $35 hour, usually I teach more than the counted hours for free. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me on this website or cell phone 1 519 701 2576