As a student of an eastern european 6yr MD program, I have been doing well until the end of the second year.

On the third year, I participated in an exchange program, and things went sour when, halfway into fourth year, I received my exchange grades and wouldnt receive credit.

I have since spent last year redoing a whole a neuro anatomy course from 2nd year due to a missing exams. This year, I would have to redo all of third year.

2008-2009 second year
2009-2010 Exchange
2010-2011 half of fourth year
2011-2012 ONE neuro anatomy course
2012-2013 third year

Will it be impossible for me to match into a residency anywhere?
Right now, I believe my only option is FM in Quebec (as a canadian citizen fluent in french) and even at that, I have my doubts.