please pardon the terrible spelling

there are some points about the H-1B i wanted to let you know

the H-1B has a cap

what that means is that the INS is only allowed to give out a certain number every year

i think the cap in 2003 is 65000

that means that the INS is only allowed to give out 65000 (sixty five thousand) H-1B visas

MD's entering residency are not the only ones who get this visa, the H-1B is given to all kinds of workers (engineers, IT, you name)

Now every year on October 1st, the cap opens up

the INS has 65000 fresh new H-1B's to give out, they are given out on a first come, first serve basis

now, i don't know for sure, but my guess is that by about feb or march of the following year all the H-1B's are gone, they have all been given out

so what happens if you apply for an H-1B in let's say . . .June?

Well, what happens is, you have to wait until the next Oct 1, for the next batch of H-1B's to open up


Is is if your employer is either an 1) Institution of higher learning or 2) an affilaited non-profit organization

if the residency program that is going to sponsor you fits one of the two above classed then the cap does not apply, and even if there are no H-1B's left you can still get one

so o o o o . . . .

why am I telling you this?

because during interviews make sure you ask the following questions:

1) Who will I be employed under?

2) Is this employer one of the following:

(A) an institution of higher education, or

(B) a related or affiliated nonprofit entity