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    Residency scope !!!!! after master in pediatric


    Hello everyone
    i would appreciate if anyone can guide me with regards to my query.
    what is the scope if one apply for residency in a specialty after completing Master in that field e.g if one is interested in doing residency training in pediatric, what's the scope of getting a residency in peds after completing master in pediatric!! Will it be a boost on Residency application or will it have a negative impact b/c one is out of clinical practice for long time. I will appreciate if you can help out
    Thanks for ur time an guidance in advance

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    As no one has replied I'll jump in

    For Canada with which I'm very familiar

    1. If you want to be considered a specialist you will have to have the Canadian licensing exams MCCQE1&2 ( or in some cases the USMLE1,2 &3)and an assessment of your training as a pediatrician. Based on this they may let you write the Royal College exams. Then you would have to apply for a license. With a Masters in Pediatrics I can't see them letting you take the exams. It's not equivalent to a Canadian pediatric residency.
    2 If you want to get into a Canadian residency for training you will need at least the MCCEE possibly the National OSCE exam Its not mandatory, but a big plus if you have a good score)and to give your self an extra good chance, the MCCQE 1 also. You have to be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant ( green card equivalent)to apply to the residency match. It's almost essential that you have some Canadian clinical exposure, such as electives or observerships. There are a limited number of residency positions for IMGs. You stand a better chance possibly if your are an IMG that grew up in Canada and knows the system. Your chances of getting a residency place decrease almost exponentially as you get further away from the year you graduated or completed your masters. Mature candidates who graduated 20 years ago looking to get a residency place are almost 100% going to be disappointed.

    While this may sound unkind, I truly am trying to save you money and time, before you think of doing any of this your English needs to improve. Your interviews and practical exams depend on fluent, clear English. I do a lot of work with IMGs and the three things that create a bad impression right off are poor English, lack of understanding of cultural norms and being out of date. We have a lot of IMGs in Canada who emigrate hoping to be doctors here- and we need them-, but they have unrealistic expectations . You pediatric traing will not count unless it's up to Royal College standards and even then you may have to do more time as a resident and then write the exams which are very tough.

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