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    Canadian Student Studying Abroad - The Journey Back



    I'm currently studying medicine ad King's College London on the 6 year program. What I'm wondering is my chances of obtaining a residency in Canada or the UK.

    I'm a Canadian citizen of Ontario. My question is more specifically about the obstacles for Canadian citizens studying abroad and coming back.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


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    Get in touch with Health Force Ontario, and register with them as a Canadian Studying Medicine Abroad. They will be able to give you information and advice for returning to Canada for residency and to practice.

    In general terms, in order to obtain a residency in Canada, not only do you have to be very lucky, you have to have written the Canadian licensing exams (MCCEE and MCCQE1). It helps to know people. So in your last year, do your best to do as many clerkship electives in Canada as you can set up, especially in centres or hospitals that you are interested in doing a residency in.

    In last year's match 1 out of 10 IMG's who applied for residency in Canada got one. I suspect that Canadians raised in Canada (who know the culture and language) had a better chance of obtaining a residency spot than Canadians from elsewhere, but that kind of information is not available in the stats that CARMS provides.

    Good luck.
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