Hi guys,

I am a landed immigrant in Canada( not been much time since i became P.R.) I have my USMLE Step 1 & 2 cleared and am taking C.S.A. soon.

I am looking to do my residency in Buffalo and live in Niagra city( on the Canadian side of the border) or live in Windsor( on the Canadian side again) and do a residency in Detroit. I am wanting to do this in order to maintain my Canadian P.R. status for which i have 2 be in Canada for quite some time.

What I am not sure is that is this kind of arrangement permitted as in can u do ur residency in US and cross the international border daily from the canadian side to go for your residency.

Also is there any special category of visa required for this or is a J -1/H -1 issued for this. If a J-1 or H - 1 is issued, is there a limit to the number of enteries that you can make to the US on the visa or does a multiple entry visa mean any no. of enteries.

Please send in ur advise.