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    How difficult is it for Canadian IMG to obtain US visas for residency?


    Hi all,

    I was wondering how difficult it is to get a J1 or H1 visa for a canadian img who wants to do a residency in the US. Do you need the residency spot before you apply or is it vice versa?

    Any response is greatly appreciated


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    visas for Canadians

    These topics have been addressed several times on this forum, so you may want to go back through some of the earlier posts regarding J1 and H1. In particular, I've posted quite a bit of info on the "Process for canadians to get a residency!" thread.

    Just to briefly reiterate, you need a residency spot before you can apply for either of these visas. The vast majority of programs (at least in primary care) will offer J1 so it's relatively easy to get; basically you need to pass the MCCEE and then get a "statement of need" from the Canadian gov't. H1 is a whole different ball of wax since only certain programs sponsor it and there's a lot more paperwork and expense involved. Plus you won't be eligible until you've passed Step 3, so you pretty much lose a year before starting residency. Having said that, it is still quite feasible to get and definitely the preferred route for most people who plan on staying in the US.
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