hi guys !

being a canadian img as we all know the the very idea of coming back for two years after completion on J1 is not at all entertainable.so in case you wanna do speciality that requires a transitional year say e.g. emergency medicine, than what are the options ?

1) Is there any possibility of a transitional year sponsoring H1 (suppose if u clear step 3 too) ?


2) Can i get the so called 'statement of need' from canadian govt. (as required for J1 visa) for a transitional year ?


3) Can J1 be changed to H1 after completing transitional year(on j1) and then getting a categorical branch say emergency medicine?

I dont know if everybody reading this is getting the right prespective but im sure canadian imgs do.
and many of u must be scraching their heads while reading these questions but i think there is indeed a good food for thought in these questions for all of us.(thats why im posting this in more than 1 forums)

anybody having any ideas ?

any input is surely welcomed

see ya