Hey please do not follow a victim to agencies always it is recommended to apply directly

we are a group of graduates who made a non profit organization to help student like you it is Free of charge !! do not pay thousands or listen to their lies i am here personally to help you not to fall for this scam

we are working with universities to stop this scene of scamming new students so please fee free to ask me anything i am already a graduate from mu plovdiv and living in bulgaria .

our organization website is bulgarianmedicaluniversities.com

Most common agencies scams and fees
all of them will tell you that they will ensure your acceptance this the first lie
all of them will tell you that you need them to apply again a lie you can totally do it by your own you just need someone to guide you
please do not follow or even listen to such things

agencies fees
interhecs start with 1200 euro
sme *( study medicine in europe ) start with 3000 euro
tutelage start with 1500 pound
isa start with 4000 euro
eu-******** start with 4000 euro

as you can see this is all scams for services that are totally made up
Please do not fall a victim to these i will be welling to help anyone without even charging them

that is why we made this organization