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    Some general questions about MU Sofia


    Hello, I'm a russian last-grader planning to apply for MU Sofia in summer 2015, english course. Now I really want to find any student currently in there or the ones who just fiinished, for I have some questions. It would be great to know a clear vision of a person who actually study there.

    - What's better: to go for a pre-year programme or to apply directly? My english ayn't perfect, so I wanna get used to it and be prepared for serious studies.
    - What is the quality of the education? I mean the teachers, the practice material, the instuments?
    - What are the general life conditions, like rooms, food, ecology? I'm not a healthiest person in the world
    - How much does it cost to live in Sofia? Food prices, transport, etc?
    - Is it possible to leave Bulgaria and work in the western countries after graduating?

    It will also be great if you say anything you think is important for me.

    Thanks in advance!
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    1) There are students in the English program who can speak almost no English. They may not graduate, but the school will be happy to take their money until that point. Also, for serious studies (as in a program and classmates who actually take the study of medicine seriously) I would generally not recommend English study in Bulgaria. There are a few serious students in each class, but it is a pain in the butt -- and a detriment -- dealing with the annoying majority who are not. The English program is generally given short shrift compared with the Bulgarian program, in part because of the students being frequently lousy, but also because of a confluence of other factors to varying degrees (racism, disorganization, post-communist bullcrap, corruption, etc.). Long story short, the "pre-year" is probably a waste of money.

    2) Quality varies from quite good in some (sadly rather rare) instances to utterly horrible in far too many others. That refers to faculty, hospitals, facilities... everything.

    3) Living circumstances in Sofia vary also, but if you have the funds you can live quite comfortably there. I do not recommend студентски град for apartments, as it is very far from the medical university and looks like a freaking ghetto. I strongly recommend living close to the school, ideally walking distance. There are some very bad apartments in Sofia, so if you have allergies or other problems you will want to seek out an apartment IN PERSON so you get something that works for your situation. Do NOT get an apartment sight unseen on the internet, whatever you do. Find a good RE agent and work with him/her. There should be students who can tell you about some honest folks who are working with foreign students -- there are a lot of dishonest ones, so be careful.

    4) Costs vary dramatically. Food is cheap (and generally good). Rent can vary from almost nothing to pretty spendy, depending on your budget and the apartment and the neighborhood. Transportation is cheap, you can get a monthly student pass for all lines of bus and tram and subway for like 25-30 Euros (as of a couple years ago). Taxis are more expensive than when I was there but still comparatively cheap -- as long as you do not get in a rogue cab that tries to rip you off.

    5) Yes, it is (currently) possible... depending on the country, the language(s) you speak, your citizenship(s), and whether or not you suck as a student/doctor. Again, that is currently the case, there are no guarantees for the future! However, if you want to work in the US then you should seek out a school with CMB approval, which Bulgarian English programs do not have, and even then your chances (especially as a non citizen or green card holder) are rapidly diminishing. Canada is also a very long shot for foreigners.

    Hope that helps a bit. Good luck.

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