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    Graduate or Current Students of Bulgarian English Medical programs


    Hey Guys,

    I am considering the 6 year medical program at MU-Plovdiv. So currently researching Plovdiv and Bulgarian medical education.

    However, I really want to talk to current or graduates of the English medical programs of Bulgaria, who have easily returned to the UK and found a "vacant" FY2 post; eventually getting a nice specialist job in the UK or around the EU.

    I would like to know your experiences as students of the program, the good and the bad about the course.

    This is what l would also like to know about:

    Teaching and the tutors - how is their English
    Books - I heard that they are not provided/ not included in uni fees?
    how organised is the course
    ETC - please feel free to inform me about anything else.

    Thank you

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    If you are an EU/UK citizen, it is not hard. The degree is fully accepted (whether the training is sufficient or not depends on how much extra work you put in), and the Стажант ("Stazhant" or "Intern") portion of 6th year is accepted by the GMC as FY1 equivalent. (Which is hilarious, really... but hey, it is what it is.)

    If you are not an EU/UK citizen, then your chances at getting a training position in the UK are somewhere between "slim" and "none," even with an EU medical diploma. There is a remote possibility to work there in a non-training capacity (if you can get a position, which is not guaranteed in and of itself, because the law requires them to hire UK/EU candidates before considering anyone from away).

    Sooooo it rather depends on the color of your passport as to how simple it would be to get a gig in the UK after completing a BG medical degree.

    Teaching and tutors vary from people who speak better English than you or I do, to people who are virtually unintelligible. (Although there are times when the latter can be entertaining, it is wholly insufficient for the study of medicine.)
    Books are definitely not included in university fees. (Anywhere, as far as I know, not just in Bulgaria.)
    Organization is NOT a Balkan strong point. At all. If you want things organized, go elsewhere. Bulgaria is largely a measure of controlled chaos, for better or for worse. When it comes to medical school, it is for the worse in that regard.

    With that said, things were certainly better in some respects when I left Bulgaria (last year) than when I started. It is still a hell of a place to study, though. Honestly, as an alum of a Bulgarian school, I would recommend seeking other options in E-EU and keeping the Balkan schools as a pathway of last resort. They are not going anywhere, and will be happy to take your tuition money if you really need to go there.

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

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