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It was like discovering paradise

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by , 06-20-2008 at 01:42 PM (1410 Views)
Just a few years ago, I was the almost innocent mind, allured to med schools like the rest of us here, and suddenly, with a click in the wild, my browser gathered a whole amount of info, and the name VALUE MD was surely hidden in the remote corner of my slim, and made to scroll, used to be powerful desktop.

It did not take me long to get used to the navigating pattern of the web site, and I instantly fell in love with value MD.

I spent countless hours looking at the old posts, spamming around and playing with members that I never knew existed. Whiled doing so, I developed the ultimate crush that could never go away, which slowly turned into or has materialized into the perfect addiction of the school finding phenomena.

Along the way, I also gathered friends and enemies. With that new found fortune, I found my first medical school of choice and also headed for the wild head up, when it was time, after almost a whole year spamming and banging the voices of the unknown, like I was a servant to my soon to know med school.

I was so much fascinated with VMD that I often missed a few days of work, to just indulge myself with the luxury of having my own chain of outdated servers at home, which I could not often use at work. What a shame!

To tell the truth, this place has more to offer than to take, and many users here are the vibrant and living testimonies of such. ValueMD, the voice of all failures and even those who pretend to be the masters and eloquent students of all time, like myself, has gained much more maturity itself. It has developed into the most requested and appreciated Network on the internet. Like the great speaker of all time would say, " ValueMD makes the "Internets (Bush) look like the rolling acceptance letters to the schools that will eventually make you or break you. It gives a chance to all to prosper, and you just need to make the best out of all that is posted and also drain most of what is said here and there.

To be continued ......
I will proofread later and make the necessary corrections.

Time to go back to FA and rapid review.


  1. IMG SURVIVOR's Avatar
    In the future VALUEMD will be way above SDN in every aspect.
    I have seen the change in the website in the oast 2 years.
    Read the pharma section, is very good in FA
  2. MDXRS22's Avatar
    just a for the few who never made it pass the relaxing lounge


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