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    Bio Take Home Exam - help needed


    My biology teacher has given us a take-home-exam. He doesn't care how we get the answer (think pizza party, asking doctors), and here is part of the section i would appreciate any help on at all.

    *The answers of these questions are supposed to be either a sentence or a word.*

    76. When a red four o'clock plant was crossed with a four o'clock plant they produced pink four o'clock plants. Can you explain why?

    77. If a color blind man marries a woman whose flower was color-blind, what is the probability for their first child being color-blind?

    78. Our famous math teacher Mr. Stork noted that genetic traits for seeds are noted as follows: L = long, w = wrinkled, R= ribbed, l=short, W=smooth, y=white, r=grooved. what would be the genotype for a short, wrinkled, yellow, grooved seed?

    79. a smaller number of genes in the X Chromosomes are of the dominant type. in these conditions a father will transmit the genes and resulting condition to?

    80. In Drosophilia, the gene for eye color is on the X chromosome. red eye color is dominant over white eye color. What would be the result on the progeny?

    81. Most chemical reactions in living things are dependent of?

    82. Construct a diagram of the structure formula for the building block of an amino acid

    83. Enzymes are composed of?

    84. Meiosis is important because it?

    85. What was the stimulus, which led Mendels research in plant breeding?

    86. Unlike pea plants, corn may be self-or-cross pollinated by pollen dispersed by the wind. What methods would have to be used to insure that corn kernels would be hybrids?

    87. Why would offspring of families with a history of diabetes mellitus on both the motherís and fatherís side be more likely to develop the disease than offspring of families in which diabetes had occurred only on one parents side of the family?

    88. Two white sheep produce a black offspring. What must the parentsí genotype for color be? What is the possibility that the next offspring will be back?

    89. What kind of gametes would be produced by organism having the following genotypes?

    A) AaBB B) aaBB C) AAbb D) AaBBCc

    90. How can you account for the fact that in some cases organisms of the same phenotype are not of the same genotype? How can you account for cases of organisms with the same genotype but different phenotypes?

    91. An extra finger in man occurs rarely. It is due to a dominant gene. Suppose one parent is normal and the other parent has an extra finger, but is heterozygous for the trait. What is the probability that their next child will be normal for color? (Use a diagram to show your results) F = dominant, f = recessive.)

    92. Albinism (lack of pigment) in man is caused by recessive gene. If normal parents have an albino child, what is the probability that their next child will be normal for color? (Use a diagram to show your results) A = dominant, a= recessive.)

    93. If a woman who is not a carrier for hemophilia is married to a man who is a hemophiliac. What percentage of their male offspring could be expected to be hemophiliacs?

    94. Suppose that the nucleus is removed from a cell. How would this affect the ability of the cell to synthesize new protein?

    95. What causes biologists to suspect that chromosomes are involved in the transmission of hereditary material?

    96. Why is it not possible for a male to be heterozygous for color blindness?

    97. Three babes were recently mixed up at your local hospital. The blood types of the parents and babies are shown below. Determine which baby belongs to which parents. Construct a blood type genotype graph to verify your choices.

    Parents Parents I Parents II Parents III

    A and B A and A AB and O

    Baby 1= B Baby 2= O Baby 3= AB

    98. Red fruit is dominant to yellow fruit (R = dominant; r = recessive) in tomatoes. Tallness (T) is dominant to shortness (t) in these plants. What phenotype and genotype ratios would you predict for the offspring of parent plants, one of which is red homozygous and tall homozygous, and the other of which is red heterozygous and tall heterozygous?

    99. Suppose you were a cat fancier and were raising what you thought was a pure-bred line. Then you found that some of the cats had sports of white hair at the tips of their tails, while others did not. How would you determine whether this trait is recessive or dominant? (Assume that only one pair of genes is affecting this trait.)

    100. Assume the ability to roll the tongue is dominant to the lack of this ability. Mr. and Mrs. Jones could roll their tongues. They had a daughter, Sally, who was unable to roll her tongue. Mr. Smith could roll his tongue, but Mrs. Smith could not. They had a son, John, who could roll his tongue; Mrs. Smith and Mr. Jones, died. Mr. Smith married Mrs. Jones. They had a daughter, Mary, who could roll her tongue. What were the genotypes of all of the individuals involved?

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    You should try to answer them first

    Young lad. You should try to do your homework and ask only specific questions. If we do them for you then it is like cheating.

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