An obese person is bought into the ER by his friend. the person has self-imposed a "starvation diet" for four months in which she has lost 60 months by taking in only water and vitamin pills. If you ordered extensive blood studies, what would be elevated?

1. chylomicrons
2. glucose
3. acetoacetic acid
4. bicarbonate
5. alanine

#3: acetoacetic acid, why? in a starvation state, the energy is from both glucose and fats (ketone bodies)..which includes acetoacetic acid and beta-hydroxybutric acid (sound familiar?); glucose is from the amino acids therefore alanine would be decreased...bicarbonate is also decreased because it's being used for the ketone bodies; chylomicrons are from dietary fat, and the person in not eating; glucose is low in the blood during starvation...