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Thread: Q in NBME 3

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    Q in NBME 3


    Pls discuss some Qs, i found them so hard.
    1. 1 person in 10,000 people with a Negative PPD test has active TB, and 1 person in 100 people with a Positive PPD test has actie TB. So, what is the relative risk for having active TB in a person with Positive PPD test?
    a. 1
    b. 9.9
    c. 100
    d. 1000
    e. 10,000
    2. Spanish patient, abd pain, coming with his 15 y.o daughter. Pt doesn’t speak English, but his daughter does.What will the physician response?
    a. Having his daughter to translate
    b. Having a professional interpreter to translate while he examine the patient.
    c. …sthing like: having the janitor who know Spanish to translate.
    3. In a Cohort study, people who consume alcohol & who not are put in 2 group. Follow 2 group to note about developing cancer .The result is alcoholic people have higher incidence to get cancer, with a statistically significant at the 5 % level.How u explain ?
    a. At least a 5% higher risk for cancer on alcoholics.
    b. At least 5% of the cancer can be attribute to consumption alcohol.
    4.In group X, people are treated w drug A, cardiac index measured is
    from 1.5-3.5 .
    In group Y, people ‘re treated w a different drug cardiac index : 0.7-2.7
    The significant of difference p=0.1. If u want to say the difference in Mean Cardiac Index is due to a chance, u say that with ?
    b. 2.5 %

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    the first question is probably talking about positive predictive value of the test which is 1
    the 2nd i am not sure but it has tobe a professional translator instead of rely on girl
    4 th is d 10% because o.1 probablility is 10 percent so there are 10 percent chace possibility

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