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    Why xavier, bonaire


    Here are the some facts about Xavier Bonaire which keep the school on top class

    We want to make sure our students are taken care of. The administration in Ohio and in Bonaire prioritizes caring for the students and their families, so that there is comfort and ease while attending medical school.

    Curriculum- Xavier’s curriculum is USMLE orientated. Our students will understand the basic sciences theoretically, but also will be able to use that knowledge competently at the clinical level.

    Test and Quizzes- All of the tests and quizzes given during the basic science portion of our medical school are USMLE emulated questions. Quizzes are given daily. When students complete their basic sciences and begin preparing for their USMLE's, they will have been well prepared.

    USMLE Pass Rate- We are proud to have a 83% pass rate on the medical licensing exams.

    Faculty- Xavier’s professors are all qualified doctors who have great knowledge of the basic sciences, and use our USMLE oriented curriculum to help students thoroughly understand the medical level courses. Xavier’s professors have taken their medical licensing exams, so are continuously giving pointers and coaching on how to do well on the USMLE's.

    Class Size- We do not allow more than 25 students per class.

    Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)- During the basic science portion of medical school in Bonaire, every week students are assigned doing an Evidence Based Research presentation in front of their fellow students and professors. We feel that having exposure to medical research is a key component during a student’s time in medical school. EBM gives students an opportunity to examine and study various medical related topics, and helps students interact with each other to analyze the assigned topics given.

    Student Government Association- Xavier has a student union run by students, independent of the educational facility. The purpose of this organization is to represent students within the institution, and provides a variety of services for students from an educational standpoint. It also helps set up extracurricular activities such as sporting events and fun activities off campus.

    Giving to the community- Once a semester there is a Xavier Health Fair held by the students and professors of Xavier. Having a medical school in Bonaire means being part of Bonaire, so giving to the community is important to us. We educate the local community on health issues, and act as "junior" doctors for them.

    Clinical Rotations- The clinical rotations are offered in various cities around the United States, giving students options of where they would like to go, and are readily available. We want to make sure our students get the proper hands on training needed to understand the clinical sciences.
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