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    Question for current or past XUSOM or Aureus students.


    Hi Folks,

    Although this forum has lots of information regarding these two schools, I'm no further from making a decision. Based on my research over the previous 3 weeks, there are a lot of students (for one reason or another) that did not have a good experience with XUSOM or Aureus. I'm wondering if any current students can give us some hard facts about XUSOM and Aureus.

    Unfortunately, majority of the info is prior to 2012 and thus doesn't paint a clear picture of what the school is like now.

    I'm eager to learn about teachers, facilities, and the treatment of students.... There are a number of posts that shows students leaving XUSOM for Aureus, but I don't see any of their posts as to why they've left.... Only assumptions and rumours.

    Please do not post if you're not a current or past students.... I've read all the assumptions of others.


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    Well, one reason why people transfer is that there are 2 medical schools on the same island, so if you are failing at one, it's very easy to transfer. The other reason I heard is Aureus supposedly has better clinical rotations (mainly the one in Baltimore). But why is it better? And does doing your clinicals in Baltimore at Aureus give you a better education? What if you do rotations at Aureus' other sites?

    The amount of information that is not present is troubling. No recent posts about anything whatsoever. I have tried to get basic information from both schools about residency placement and the school admin tells me nothing, says they will email me and never does.

    Why would anyone go to a school that doesn't give out its residency placements, along with how many entered the match and what % actually got a residency?

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