Hello Value MD

I just graduated this past May 2011 with a B.S. In psychology. My overall GPA is a 2.6 (at first i declared a biology major was very unhappy with what i was doing causing my GPA to slip very low) Anyway, I got my grades up after switching to psychology and had well above a 3.5 my last two years. I am applying to AUA for the Jan. 2012 class and SMU january 2012 my grades are. I was selected as one of few to Present my Psychological thesis at UNC Chapel with attendees from Duke, John Hopkins, University Mass., Boston University, etc. I have numerous hours of volunteer work at the ER as well

BIo I: B
bio II: C
Chem I: B
Chem II: C+
Stat: A
Physics I: C
Physics II: A
Orgo I: C
Orgo II: C
English: A

puts my scince GPA around a 2.8... Will i get into AUA and SMU with these credentials? Also just took the mcat in august but havent gotten my scores yet. Any feedback is greatly appreciated Thank you all.