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    Questions for prospective student applying to ASUSM, Dominica



    I have several questions that maybe a currently attending ASUSM, dominica student can answer...

    q1) Do you know recently if any student has transferred from ASUSM back to states in U.S, after finishing their Basic Sciences?
    q2) Which state accepted them as a transfer student coming into starting of CK semester?
    q3) where did they take their USMLE step1 back in the state or in ASUMS, doiminica.
    q4) did anyone recently graduate from ASUSM, DOMINICA GOT THEIR MD Degree, got ECFMG certified, and got matched with Residency program back in States (U.S).

    Surely i am prospective student who needs more info regarding which step should i take. I don't know whether i should transfer after i finish my Basic sciences in ASUMS, dominica and take my USMLE Step 1 in the states.
    OR.. finish everything in Asums, dominica get my MD Degree from there, get ECFMG Certified and then get into residency match program in the states. How is the Residency match program in the states for ASUSM, Dominica MD graduate students.

    Has ANyone Recently done all this graduated with MD Degree, ECFMG Certified and recently got Matched for Residency program in the States, and if what States Accepted their MD Degree from ASUSM, Dominica.

    I would really appreciate if recently graduated student can help with these questions.


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    These questions are not relevant for All Saints University Aruba,
    recommend you to go to the dominica site for this.

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