For some years now students and others are trying to confuse everyone with All Saints University of Medicine Aruba and All Saints University School of Medicine Dominica on this forum.
I would like to suggest everyone who is not a student of Aruba and is using this forum to do the marketing of Dominica, to please do this on you own forum of All Saints Dominica.
All students who are studying or have been studying in Aruba never were or are interested in Dominica.
Aruba has much more to offer than Dominica academically, and as for the island of Aruba itself it has much more to offer.
and for all the rumors that the immigration is a problem, is something of the past.
However as Aruba is the be considered a developed country it has its rules, and students are receiving their temporary permits.
So for all those who are trying to bad mouth Aruba on this old issue please
update youself before write something you heard a long time ago.
Aruba students were and are very satisfied with the school and are using their precious time to study and to archieve high grades.
no time for bashing or marketing for other schools