1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent!!!
At Bleu Azure

$900 per month, lowest rent around!
2 ACís, 1 for the kitchen area, and 1 for the bedroom!
Washer in the apartment!
3 minutes walk away from Campus!
Very Spacious!
Fully equipped with a big dresser, sofas, tables, refrigerator, microwave and kitchen utensils
Because I am leaving St Martin permanently very soon, I may throw in some household goods that were not included in the lease, including an extra table, a convection oven, trash bins, lamps, etcÖ
Best Rent and Best Deal you can get with all the stuff thrown in!

Please contact me ASAP at any of the following methods:

Email: yudel@mailc.net
Phone: 526 Ė 8793
AIM: yudel2000
MSN: yudel@mailc.net