hello, im finally getting out of here at the end of december and ill be selling my car. i bought it off another student this past august after my mitsubishi got destroyed in the flood in phillipsburg. you can see a picture of the elantra here: http://www.valuemd.com/auc-medical-s...ra-2000-a.html
it needed alot of work when i bought it, and i wanted to get it in perfect running condition before i sold it so im asking $3000 to make up for some of what ive put into it over the past 4 months. the repairs henry the mechanic made are:

new brakes, new water pump and fixed the electrical problem with the signal lights in august. new alternator, new battery and rebuilt the air conditioner (it works great now) in october. new tires and alignment in november.

like i said, it's in perfect running shape now and is very dependable. also, the insurance is paid till the end of april and the plates and inspection are good for another year. you can contact me at tota383@aol.com or 581-5041 if you're on the island. thanks, tom