I've got 3 unique items for sale..... these items have never appeared before you on ValueMD, much less on the AUC forum!

While I wear this god awful multicolored sweater trying to sell you things in a brazen and obvious way, I guarantee that these are most excellent prices!

1) A complete set of golf clubs for those of you that wish to walk 18 after a hard weekend of studying for those pesky monday exams.

2) A very nice and large Black laptop carryall bag complete with rollers and extending handle to carry that and all your carry-on items on the plane. It fits a 15" monitor laptop.

3) BRAND NEW! A very nice 17" Khaki laptop bag, extra padding and super comfortable to wear on your shoulder. Protect your investment!

PM for further details and no there is no AC for these items. Look at the car for sale if you want icicles.