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    Windsurfing gear - complete setup!


    For sale - complete package:

    Board : JP Australia Freestyle Wave 93L (carbon-kevlar)
    Mast : NeilPryde X3 30% carbon 4m
    Mast extension : NeilPryde 36cm
    Base : NeilPryde

    Includes wishbone & 2 sails (NeilPryde 5.6m2 and North Sails 5 m2)

    Price: $400 obo

    Email ([email protected]) or PM for more info

    .Windsurfing gear - complete setup!-jpboard2.jpgWindsurfing gear - complete setup!-sail.jpgWindsurfing gear - complete setup!-sail2.jpg

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    that is a great deal. I would take it if I had a place to store it. Since my daughter left after her 2 year stint there, I rent from Sebastian at WindyReef. when she was there I could store both my rig and her rig in her apartment.

    Have you checked out the waves at Le Galion? Sebastian is a real wave pro there. Unfortunately your gear is on the small side for the normal conditions. It would only be good when a storm or squal pulls through. My daughter could use her 93 liter board and 5.2 and 6.1 meter sails. But she weighs only 110 lbs.

    If you are still on the island in Dec, we should go sailing together. I had agreed to help out Dr S DM for the clinical correlation week. There is no reliable wind during the spring and summer semesters. The "Christmas wind" is reliable in the northern Caribbean.

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