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    Car for sale!! 4x4 suv


    Car for sale!! 4x4 suv-screen-shot-2012-10-17-10.02.54-.png

    Mitsubishi Pajero 1999

    127,000 km on it (not miles) and has had 3 oil changes
    since Sept 2011, but is due for one soon. I've
    only had one "maintenance check", just for the sake of it since I was
    getting the oil changed, but all was well and never had a reason to
    get it checked otherwise.

    It gets through the golf course just fine, you'll be splashing waves
    at the smaller cars. Not the prettiest, but reliable, lots of space,
    seat belts, trunk space, makes it through hills, puddles.... you name it.

    Also.... It has two copies for keys! Always a plus if you're sharing the car

    We want to get rid of the car BY mid/end of November (leaving)...
    so, if someone has an offer I can't refuse (I'll sell it earlier) or
    just the best offer by mid / end of November, It's yours!

    If you want to buy it today, you can have it for 2700 + . Otherwise,
    I'm going to wait until mid/end November for the best offer. Paperwork
    is super easy, literally sign over the old documents and it's yours.

    Call/email if you want to test drive it sometime.

    554-1182 (SXM #) / Clogronio@gmail.com
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