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    Leaving the island August 19th!! All sorts of stuff for sale!!


    Got a bunch of stuff for sale...leaving the island in 27 days (August 19th)!!!! BAM!!

    Books-All unmarked/not highlighted and in great shape:
    2nd Edition New Clinical Genetics
    Immunology, Infection, and Immunity (Pier, Lyczak, Wetzler)
    2nd Edition High Yield Embryo
    High Yield Immunology
    Medical Biochemistry (Marks)
    2010 First Aid
    2 sets of 2011 Kaplan Books (not sure if you guys got the 2012 books?!)

    32' Toshiba Flatscreen- $275 or best offer
    Three tier black TV stand- $40
    9 cube espresso bookshelf (about 4.5 feet tall X 1 foot deep X 3.5 wide)-$75
    4 white wire cubes
    2 brown plastic baskets
    1 standard staples gooseneck desk lamp (maybe a 2nd by the end of the semester)
    1 floor lamp (available in 3 weeks)
    2 beach chairs (tall)
    Probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting...message me if there is something specific you are looking for.

    Big Stuff:
    2003 Silver Hyundai Accent "Bessie"- A/C, CD player (for all your CDs...obviously), new battery, starter, and alternator in the past 6 months, the sweetest/darkest tints on the planet, everything up to date- $3000 or best offer

    Apartment Sublet- Blue Marine in Maho, past Dr. Deketh's office. Lease is up in December, but we're leaving in August. Uncertain possibility for renewal in January with this particular unit, but the company we work through is really accommodating, and has many properties in the same building/complex we live in now, and would be able to work with you. It's $1900 per month, one bedroom, big living room, amazing couches/furniture, 42' flat screen (free cable), washer/drying in unit, central A/C, ceiling fans in living room and bedroom, jacuzzi tub, rain-head shower (separate from jacuzzi) pool, free gym...it would be insanely helpful if someone could help us out with this lease.

    SoOooOOo.....message me on here, or island phone me- 587-5504...oh yeah...phone + SIM available in 3 weeks!!...I didn't list prices, so just message me for those if you're interested, or if you want to see any pictures, or if you want to come check our the apartment, or take Bessie for a spinski. THANKS!!!!

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    I would like to view your for sale items contact me at 523-9095 or joy.paul.butt@hotmail.com

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