Hey everyone!

Just wanted to put it out there...I'm selling my car...
I bought the car brand new from the dealer in February 2011 for $10,500. Itís a 2011 Hyundai I10 in Alpine Blue and has been driven ~1950 miles. The car is up to date on maintenance and there are no problems as the car is just a little over a year old.

Itís a brand new car so you can rest assure that there will be absolutely no problems. The benefit of buying a new car is that you know you wonít be stuck somewhere at a mechanic trying to get the car fixed or towed. Moreover, the car is still under manufactures warranty so you can have a piece of mind and do what you are here to doóSTUDY. The inspection is valid through February 2013.

The car will be available in July.

Price is $8999.00

If you are interested just send me a message. Thanks

Below is a link to my facebook page where I've made the pictures of the car available.

Nada Ahmed's Photos | Facebook