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    ICAN Foundation Donation Drives


    Hey guys,

    We held moving-off-the-island-donation drives the last two semesters and a Christmas toy drive for the ICAN Children's Foundation. We won’t be around to organize and haul donations. Would someone like to take over the donation drives?

    We asked people to donate whatever they weren’t taking home. We set up donation boxes, which we got from Gourmet Marche, in the rotunda the last few weeks of each semester with AUC’s approval. We ended up hauling five or six truck loads to ICAN last semester. Students were generous. Students donated things like canned goods, pens, paper, Tupperware, plastic ware, dishes, notebooks, clean clothes, ironing boards, cleaning supplies, books, bags of coins, batteries, movies, candy, hangers, footballs, soccer balls, boogie boards, clip boards, lamps, blankets, towels, etc.

    The toy drive was a success thanks to one AUC staff member. Most of the Christmas toys the ICAN kids received were from AUC.

    ICAN has a fundraiser for their school clothes in July/August. Perhaps AUC can help with that also.

    We’ve spent a lot of time at ICAN. The orphanage receives a small stipend per kid from the Dutch government but it’s simply not enough to sustain the orphanage without donations. There are 24 kids at the orphanage and about six women who take care of them 24 hours a day every day. If you can donate anything to the orphanage like clothes, food or time to play with the kids, it's greatly appreciated and needed. Whenever you visit home, bring back good clothes, shoes, games, and books for the kids if you're able. As you well know, everything is expensive here.

    We hope AUC continues to help the ICAN Foundation. AUC students do the orphanage a great service by taking the kids to the beach a few times during the semester. The kids love the beach days. It's one of the few times they get to leave the orphanage other than for school or church.

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