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    5th SEMESTER SALE!!!!!!!----->pick it up today


    Located next to campus at Flamboyant.

    -Ipod touch (Black) 8GB with case, newest version: 140$
    -Ipod (Black) Classic 160GB: 80 $
    -Iron: 10$
    -Large living room lamp: 60$
    -Laser printer (black&white) with new cartridge bought 2 weeks ago: 60$
    -Snorkling mask and flippers (Medium size): 40$
    -Lange Physio books series: 20$ for set
    -Desk/office chair, reclining (good quality): 80$
    -Desk lamps: green 15$, white 5$
    -Blender: 20$
    -Brita (needs filter): 5$
    -Calculator TI: 20$
    -Drawing board with markers: 10$
    -Voice recorder (tape lectures) easy transfer onto computer: 40$

    See link for pictures!!!!!! http://photobucket.com/AUCleavingsale

    Contact me by message or at #580-6532
    Location: Flamboyant

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