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    Don't Be Caught Unaware!



    Available now: 2 contact alarms (battery powered) and a motion detector (ac adapter or battery powered) for $15....if interested, contact me at: mross002@gmail.com

    Avoid being caught in the situation below.

    Night of Terror: Tradewinds: Thursday 3:15 a.m. 9/25/08

    Spreebee: So I was sleeping at my apartment in Tradewinds and awoke to a noise of someone screaming for their life... Screaming stopped a few minutes later... I was terrified... A few minutes after that the female was screaming "bloody, bloody murder." Bl--ooo--ddddyyy Muuuurrrrddder....The most frantic, dreadful, and traumatizing screams I've ever heard (like someone burning alive)... I was frightened so I went out to the kitchen and grabbed my long steak knife, and by that time all of tradewinds was up trying to get to her aid, just as the sickened criminal got away....Luckily, I guess the girl was alright... It originally sounded like she layed there bleeding and dieing after a long struggle... Nothing worse than someone preying on the innocent as they sleep....

    Armand's Biya: This is really unfortunate...the story is that an AUC female student was studying with a light on and had recently gone to bed/was still studyin?...somehow a local climbed into her apartment through the balcony even with the door locked...he managed to get in...he was in the process of stealing her laptop and cell phone when she grabbed the laptop from him as he was escaping all while screaming at the top of her lungs. I am so proud of her and want to give her a huge shout-out! If it was me, I don't think I could have acted as she did. I guess that there was a reason it happened to you...you are so brave. On behalf of the girls around here...thanks for standing ground. This deush should burn in Hell.

    Personally, I used the contact alarms on my sliding glass doors and the motion detector near my front door.
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