Yes people, I said $1200. Let me preface this post by saying you are basically stealing this car from me.

2000 Kia Retona 4x4 Jeep (aka THE INCREDIBLE HULK)
Color: Green
Doors: 2
Transmission: Manual 5 spd
Status: Island bada**
Loud: Yes

We bought this car for $2,000 and put another $500 or so in tune-ups/new parts and $400 on plates/insurance/etc. (insurance still valid for a few months)

Note: The radiator needs some work and the back tire is a little flat (but drivable) , but because I am so lazy I never found the time to fix it. So, if you are willing to stop by at the mechanic for a tune-up you can have the car for less than half of what I put in.

Like I said, the car is still drivable so email me for pics and/or a test-drive. Don't miss this opportunity, bc after April 14th I am driving this car into the lagoon.

rahul.ut @ gmail . com