These are two of THE SWEETEST DOGS!!!!! Harry and Mabel are strays who have found each other and are the only family they know. They are bonded and would do well placed together if someone has room to take them both. They are spayed and neutered and vaccinated. Harry (the fluffy black and tan dog) is a bit older than Mabel. They are both delightful dogs!!! They have adopted a new family member in the nice lady who feeds them twice a day but she canít keep them as she already has 14 cats in her small apartment. Mabel will roll over for belly rubs and Harry will be right there making sure he doesnít miss out on any of the attention. Harry is lucky to be alive today as he recently was poisoned or found his way into some poison. His caretaker found him just in time and we rushed him to the vet for the antidote which saved his life. Please help us save Harry and Mabel from this ever happening again. They are great dogs and deserve to have a better life in a great home!!! Please call 554-4165 or 0690-34-04-07 and open your heart and home to two of the best dogs on the island. They will love you forever if you only give them a chance!!!
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