Last minute, AUC ran out of housing for incoming students. So, now I'm scrambling to find a living situation. I have seen 1bd/1ba apartments for myself, but I would prefer to live with someone (a male roommate) to make the transition to the island a little less lonesome.

I would also be willing to work with someone to find a 2bd place before class starts if there are any other new comers in the same situation.

Ideal situation would be a 2bd with 1ba or 2ba within walking distance of the campus. I would like to find a place for $1100/month or less.

This is very last minute and I leave for the island on Saturday, coming from California. So if anyone has a room or knows of a place for a fellow future AUCer, please let me know.


PS - I'll be keeping an eye out for PMs but you can reach me quicker at mbarra(at)