I am an AUC student doing clinical rotations in California, and I happen to have past experience on the technical side of cable television. As an AUC student throughout 2005-2006 on SXM I imported, modified and sold affordable new cable boxes to my fellow students, islanders, and local businesses including Bliss and the St. Maarten Fire Department.

After monitoring the student forums for a while I see that there is still an interest in modified cable boxes. I will be returning to SXM to graduate this April 2009. I would be willing to build and import one more batch of boxes at that time depending on the interest among the students.

Please reply to this thread if you think you may be interested in buying a new modified cable box. The price will likely be $150 per box, which includes 1 remote and instructions. If I see a good number of students replying that they're interested, then I'll contact my old wholesalers, buy the parts and bring the goods.