Well, my time in New York is coming to an end, and my room will be entering the market. The room is small with no closet, but it is only $500 a month. I have lived here for all of clinicals with the exception of pediatrics for which I must travel to Detroit. The utilities are extra and never over $100 a month. The location is at 186th and Jamaica Ave and the building resides on Jamaica Ave. If interested please feel free to private me or send me an email to drdrwmd@gmail.com. Another important fact is the apartment is not available until the first of March.

On that topic, I am also looking for an apartment near St. John's Hospital in Detroit for 6 weeks. Starting the first week of March. I only need a room and running water with outgoing plumbing. Heat would be nice, but hopefully it ain't too cold out in March. If anyone knows of an apartment or room please feel free to contact me at drdrwmd@gmail.com

Good luck everyone with clinicals.