Looking for a female roommate for January 2009 Spring semester. Need answer as soon as possible.

Cote D'Azur is located walking distance from the school with a 24/hr security guard. The apartment itself is fully gated.

The apartment is a spacious 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment with a beautiful view overlooking the lagoon. The apartment is fully furnished with washer/dryer and A/C in the main living room. The apartment also has 2 large futons in the living if you ever want guests and TV + cable.

The room is spacious with a queen sized bed, A/C and attached bathroom. $1100 per month + utilities. Utilities which includes water and air is at most $80 per person (P.S. You wont get ripped off like you would in places owned by Solutions. They charged over $100 or sometimes close too $200)

If you are interested you an email me at molina.michelle@gmail.com. Let me know if you interested for next semester and I'll give you a tour or send you photos whatever you want. Thank you.