Cushioned desk chair $10
Plastic outdoor side table $2
The club, for steering wheel $10
Tall tiffany style lamp (slightly cracked on top) $10
Wooden pencil holder $1
Large ice cube tray .50cents
Set of seven shallow bins for organizing stuff $3
Airplane neck pillow $1
Loose file holder $2
Exersize mat $2
Measuring cups (1 liquid and three solid) $1
Single person metal frame hammock - great for the porch or balcony- $15
9x13 glass baking dish $3
Eye goggles $1
Box of staples $1
Box of paperclips .50 cents
2 packs notecards $1
Voice recorder (not for computer) $5
Metal and Wood tall computer desk $20

Please call 523-1447, e-mail, or post requests here. Thank you!!!